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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:39 pm

The Rules of

Welcome to site!
Here you can find our few simple rules what you need follow. They aren't so hard to follow really.

Here they are:

1. Your character MUST have the first and last name! If you want you can add middle name too or the first letter of it.
You can use: Maria Montez, Maria L. Montez, Maria Lauren Montez
You can't use: mariamontez, mariam, marimon, maria123 (or any such names)

2. You MUST have an avatar. It needs to be a celebrity or someone who is famous some way. You can't use your own pictures or some friend one. Never use even anime character as the avatar.

3. We don't have word count here exactly but we prefer the quality of posts for quantity. It would be nice if you don't post just a few words back to someone who has written few paragraphs. There is always a way to have to describe things around you char or even what she is wearing or doing or anything like that.

4. About character amount. First six are free to make. But after that, you need to approval from admin. Since we would like that here isn't massive chars who don't get enough of attention. Before you try to apply for you the seventh character or even more then you need to be sure you are active with your previous ones.

5. Mature threads aren't really very welcome here but they at times happen and I ask you not go to very into the details with them. Even if you do please mark your thread with M. Also mature threads are allowed to chars who are at least 16 years old.
Note: Both sides needs to be okay with writing the detailed thread. Simply if other party don't want then please don't go in details.

6. Be friendly towards everyone. Don't make fun of someone just because you don't like her or bully. If you have problems with someone talks about it somewhere else out or come to admin with your problem, they can help you out. Never bully anyone here, NEVER. Treat everyone like you wants them to treat you.

7. Well you can NEVER make any mary sue's or Gary Sue's since this isn't allowed here. Everyone have their flaws and do mistakes. Not everyone isn't prefect.

8. These are our simple rules. And you need to follow or actions are taken!
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The Rules
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